Local, State, and Federal Arts Funding in Non-Arts Places

June 26, 2020, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Session Type: Discussion

In local, state, and federal departments of transportation, agriculture, education, military, health, justice, workforce development and more, untapped billions of dollars in prospective funding for the arts sits, just waiting for the right series of conversations, policy proposals, and research to cross the right desk. In this discussion session, hear examples of how those exchanges can happen, the time and patience involved in getting them to take root, and the challenges and opportunities that present themselves when the funds become more available.
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn about ways local, state, and federal peers have tapped arts funds in partnership with non-arts entities.
  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities of framing the arts as part of tackling non-arts issues.
  • Think about how you can identify the non-arts areas that are most pressing in your communities, and what models might allow for arts-inclusive policy solutions.