Cultural Districts and Other Anti-Gentrification Strategies

June 27, 2020, 2:15 PM - 3:45 PM

Session Type: Panel

Cities such as Minneapolis and Seattle are using Cultural District policies as anti-gentrification, economic development strategies. Aimed at protecting the racial diversity and uplifting the cultural identity of the city areas where a significant portion of the population is comprised of people of color, Indigenous people, and/or immigrant (POCII) communities, these policies center arts and culture as a tool of empowerment for underrepresented communities.

Learning Objectives:
  • Examples of cities that have put in place Cultural District policies aimed at stabilizing communities that are most vulnerable to displacement; and share research on comparative models in cities and Cultural District activation tools whose goals are racial equity
  • Provide examples of the concrete steps taken by cities to integrate a suite of strategies that work to stabilize communities in designated Cultural Districts; and highlight the roles that city and state arts and culture agencies have taken and their collaboration with community activists
  • Show case studies from the Cities of Minneapolis and Seattle as a model for this work