Advantageous Collaborations Between Artist and Fabricator

June 26, 2020, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Session Type: Panel

This session will emphasize how choosing the right fabricator is essential to the successful realization of public artwork, as is knowing the full-range of services fabricators can often provide. Through discussing a range of fabricator examples and public projects, the aim of this panel is to illuminate the many fabrication services artists can take advantage of when applying for, and executing, large-scale public artworks, such as fabrication services that help best steward time, energy and funding, and services that benefit both the well-established and emerging artists, public art agencies, associated project constituents, and the project itself. The advantageous services to be discussed will include project management, installation consultation, technical design assistance and the enhancement of RFP submissions. By locating and then collaborating with full-service fabricators, artists can focus on making art and finding new opportunities for public art commissions while resting in the knowledge that their trusted fabrication partner has their eye on the timeline, budget and other project complexities.
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the benefits of entrusting a fabricator with total project management. From watching project timelines and budgets to being the “go-to” and innovative problem-solver for unforeseen challenges, entrusting a fabricator with these tasks frees artists to focus on the creative aspects of the project as well look for new work.
  • Learn how artists new to public art can increase their total portfolio on RFP submission by teaming with an experienced fabricator, thereby increasing their chances for securing large commissions, as well as broadening the range of artists public agencies can consider.
  • Learn the benefits of working with fabricators who have deep technical experience. Such fabricators can guide artists on the complexities of large-scale work, thereby helping them understand better both the limitations and possibilities, as well as helping increase perceived manageability of the work.