You’ll be buzzing with inspiration and energy this June 26-28 as the Americans for the Arts’ Annual Convention runs concurrently with the new Public Art & Civic Design Conference. These separate 2 ½-day meetings will each offer breakout sessions and tours of arts and culture and public art in Washington DC, and will also share a fantastic opening reception, several cross-meeting keynote addresses, frequent networking breaks, and a robust CenterStage area with bookstore resources, artists, and exhibitors.

Washington, DC, the host for our meetings this June, nearly 20 years since we last convened in the capital city. As one of the most historically diverse regions in the United States, the DC metro region is a place that is always local, national, and international simultaneously. Here, culture is interwoven everywhere. Residents who have been here for generations exist alongside constant waves of political arrivals and departures and cultures and flavors from across the world. In both the public and private sectors, this region houses one of the most thriving, diverse, and creativity-driven economies in the country.


Pre-Event Workshops

Join us for a half-day workshop on June 25, before our main events kick off. Choose between two topics: arts advocacy and contemporary approach to monuments.

Must be registered for one of our main conferences to register.

All-Session Pass

Do you want to attend breakout sessions from both the Annual Convention and the Public Art & Civic Design Conference? Get an All-Session Pass and you’ll have access to any breakout sessions you want, at any time, from either event! The new All-Session Pass is $100 and lets you have your choice of 80 breakout sessions.

Applicable to breakout sessions only. Does not include access to keynote sessions or off-site excursions. Not available to One-Day Registrants.