Neighborhood Public Art: Examples and How-to's

Thursday, June 14, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Attend this session to hear how public art programs are working (and funding) projects in neighborhoods and communities that have traditionally sat outside of percent for art funding models. In this session, attendees will here from programs across the country on how they are developing engaging public art projects with neighborhoods and residents across their communities. Attendees will gain knowledge of working projects and the impact these public artworks.



Eric R. Dallimore
Leon Gallery
Denver, Colorado

Eric Robert Dallimore lives and works in Denver, Colorado as a fine artist and as the Founder + Artistic Director of Leon Gallery. Mr. Dallimore’s work has been shown in galleries and museums including Leon, McNichols Building, Cherry Creek Arts Festival, The Buell Theater, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, The Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, and The New Orleans Museum of Art, Back to the Picture San Francisco. His public art sculptures have been showcased across Colorado and Louisiana. In 2014, Eric was honored with the Mastermind Award for Visual Arts from Westword Magazine. Publications include Sculpture Magazine, 5280 Magazine, The Westword, Denver Post, The Times Picayune, The Advocate, and Time Magazine. As an arts educator, Eric has worked with over 50 schools across Denver, RMCAD, Bringing Back the Arts Foundation, as well as mentoring interns from CU and the University of Denver.

Julia Muney Moore
Director of Public Art
Arts Council of Indianapolis
Indianapolis, Indiana

Julia Moore is an arts administrator, curator, educator, and art historian who currently serves as the Director of Public Art at the Arts Council of Indianapolis. She has curated, selected, and managed public art projects since 2000. Julia received her B.A. from Bryn Mawr College and her M.A. in Art History from New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts, and her M.B.A. from Ball State University. At the Arts Council, Julia oversees community and civic public art projects, public art master planning, and ongoing programming to improve artists’ capacity to create public art. She has also held positions as the Director of Exhibitions and Artist Services at the Indianapolis Art Center and the Public Art Administrator for Blackburn Architects, Inc., and has taught art history and art appreciation at colleges and universities in central Indiana. Julia is on the national Public Art Network Council of Americans for the Arts.

Tricia Van Eck
Artistic Director
Chicago, Illinois

Tricia Van Eck is Artistic Director and Founder of 6108North, which challenges what art is, whom it’s for, and where and how it is created. Named after its mansion’s address in Chicago, 6018North is also itinerant connecting Chicago artists with local and international audiences. 6108North’s unique experiences within intimate spaces – such as its outdoor jungle gym created by Swiss Chapuisat Brothers for the Chicago Architecture Biennale – empowers artists to work together and with the public to nurture creativity, build community, and enhance quality of life.

Previously Van Eck worked 13 years as a curator at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago organizing more than 70 exhibitions and programs with artists such as Mark Bradford, Tania Bruguera, Theaster Gates, Kerry James Marshall, Jan Tichy, and Tino Sehgal. Her shows, from large group exhibitions to small one-person shows, were experimental and audience engaged, all of which are the core of 6018North’s work.

Caroline Vincent
Interim Director
Metro Arts, Nashville Office of Arts + Culture
Nashville, Tennessee

Vincent is the Interim Director and Public Art and Placemaking Director for Metro Arts, Nashville Office of Arts + Culture in Nashville, Tenn. In addition to agency leadership, she leads the city’s public art and placemaking program, administers the Percent for Art Fund, and has overseen the installation of more than 40 public artworks since joining Metro Arts in 2011. She leads the agency’s Learning Lab artist training program, THRIVE a micro-funding program and many other initiatives and programs. In 2017, she led the first city-wide public art planning process that resulted in a Public Art Community Investment Plan that positions public art as a community investment tool for neighborhood transformation, creative workforce development and equitable practices throughout the city. Vincent has 18 years’ experience as an arts administrator, curator and consultant in the public and private sector. She is the Vice-Chair of Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Council.