Towards a Practical Application of The Federal-State-Local Policy Pipeline for Arts Education

Saturday, June 16, 1:15 pm - 2:30 pm

Moving from theoretical to the practical to advance our understanding of the federal, state, and local policy pipeline in arts education is an essential skill of any arts, cultural, or education leader. Connecting the tiers of policy to ensure equitable access to arts learning opportunities is the work of Americans for the Arts and can be implemented using a new series of tools and resources in your states and communities. Join this session to discuss the framework and learn through a practical example of STEAM education policy to explore the latest trends in policymaking to advance arts education in America.

Learning objectives:

  • Garner a theoretical understanding of the federal-state-local policy pipeline related to educational policy in America;
  • Illuminate the practical application through the example of STEAM education policy in Georgia; and
  • Interrogate this framework through the lens of attendee’s individual local contexts.

This session is part of the Communicating Our Value sessions.