Localizing Social Impact Decisionmaker Education

Saturday, June 15, 4:45 pm - 6:00 pm

Many of the best social impact-related research and arguments for increasing support for arts and culture require hyper-localization—local examples and tools, and personalized information. How do we make that happen? In this session, hear about a "social impact census," the localization of a national tool, how national data integrates with local examples, and more!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the intersectionality of social impact work, and why it is key to improving both public value and decisionmaker support for arts and culture.
  2. Learn about accessible examples and replicable resources for making social impact arguments in your community.
  3. Discover how social impact creates community change and encourages consideration of equity.

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Maud Lyon
Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Maud Lyon leads the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, an advocacy organization that supports arts and culture in five counties through research, marketing, and professional support for nonprofits.  The Alliance has 440 member organizations, from history to science to horticulture to visual and performing arts, representing grassroots organizations and major cultural institutions in five counties of Pennsylvania and northern Delaware and southern New Jersey.  The Alliance’s work centers upon advocacy, bringing resources to arts and culture; and audience engagement, connecting the public to opportunities for learning, creativity, social interaction and discovery at museums, performing arts, community art centers and many other forms of arts and culture.   Increasing diversity and equity in arts and culture is a major initiative, to make arts and culture organizations more inclusive and to support greater appreciation for diversity for the public.

Clay Lord
Vice President, Local Arts Advancement
Americans for the Arts