How Tech Companies Think about the Arts

Saturday, June 17, 1:15 pm - 2:30 pm
In the heart of the tech community, it feels appropriate to wonder what these giant, new companies think of the arts and creativity. Come learn more about messaging your work for an audience that has a fundamentally different way of thinking about the arts than traditional corporate supporters.

This session addresses issues of advocacy, capacity, community development, engagement, fundraising, private sector engagement, public value, and research.

This session is part of the Embracing Reinvention sessions.


Wendi Norris
Gallery Wendi Norris
San Francisco, California
Drew Bennett
Director, Arts in Residence Program
Menlo Park, California
Emily Peck
Vice President of Private Sector Initiatives
Americans for the Arts
New York, New York
Emily is responsible for providing business and foundation leaders with the information, resources and strategies they need to better partner with and support the arts. She oversees a variety of programs including the BCA 10 which recognizes businesses for their support of the arts and the BCA Executive Board which is comprised of CEOs who provide leadership and advice. She also organizes professional development programs which encourage and enhance partnerships with businesses and foundations and works with strategic partners in the business and foundation communities to advance our advocacy efforts. Emily also oversees the work of the Arts & Business Council of NY which builds partnerships between arts and business in New York City. She joined the staff of Americans for the Arts in 2008 as part of the merger with the Business Committee for the Arts. Prior to joining the Business Committee for the Arts in 2006, she was at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in the Education Department where she worked on the museum’s internship program and programs for people with disabilities and in the Jewelry Reproduction Department. Emily graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in art history and has a master’s degree in visual arts administration from New York University.