Deep Dive: Working With Youth

Thursday, June 14, 3:30 pm - 5:15 pm

Attendees will explore the landscape of effective practices in Working With Youth. Through two examples from exemplary CYD programs, attendees will unpack the current landscape and apply their thinking to their own professional contexts. The session will culminate with a future-oriented interrogation of questions to fuel the future development of tools and resources to support Working With Youth work in the CYD field.



Ashley Hare
Executive Director
Phonetic Spit
Phoenix, Arizona

Ashley Hare collaborates with artists, arts organizations, local and state governments, and community organizers to shift programs into spaces of creative equitable engagement. She has worked with shelters for homeless youth, group homes, rehabilitation facilities, juvenile detention centers, public and private schools. Ashley's practice centers youth leadership through civic arts and cultural engagements.

Jayden Ashley Lim
Tribal Youth Ambassador
California Indian Museum and Cultural Center
Cloverdale, California

Jayden Lim, 16, is a Tribal Youth Ambassador for the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center. She has worked on various projects, including TYA through language, technology (GIS), business, theater, and food sovereignty. In November 2016, Jayden was chosen as the youth speaker at the White House for the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards hosted by Michelle Obama. She is currently working with California legislation to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day in California, as well as the $100 Million Youth Reinvestment Fund where $10 Million will be dedicated to native youth.

Myah Oversteet
Consulting Producer
The Alliance for Media Arts and Culture
San Francisco, California

Myah Overstreet is a senior, journalism major and English literature minor at San Francisco State University. She began working with The Alliance for Media Arts and Culture in January of 2016 as a consulting producer alongside Jason Wyman. Together, they have built creative initiatives such as the 50 State Dinner Party Project, which focuses on communication through dinner parties. Myah also co-founded The Issue Magazine, an intergenerational, quarterly arts magazine with the following mission statement: "The Issue is a new intergenerational arts magazine, produced in collaboration with youth media makers around the world, designed to inspire a creative future where we all belong." As Editor in Chief, Myah brings youth media organizations and artists from around the country together to create a magazine that speaks for everyone and all of our unique, individual issues.