Supporting Work at the Intersection of Arts & Justice

Friday, June 16, 4:30 pm - 5:10 pm

The number of lives touched by the justice system continues to skyrocket--how can the arts be used to maintain familial connection, discourage recidivism, and support quality of life?

This session addresses issues of advocacy, arts education, capacity, equity/diversity/inclusion, engagement, evaluation, and public value.

This session is part of the Engaging Equity sessions.


Denise Grande
Director of Arts Education
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Los Angeles, California
Denise Grande is Director of Arts Education at the LA County Arts Commission, where she heads LA County Arts Education Collective, dedicated to making the arts core in K-12 public education. Prior to the Arts Commission, Ms. Grande was Director of Programs and Strategic Partnerships for the Metropolitan Opera Guild at Lincoln Center. During her 20 years at The Music Center in Los Angeles she played a leadership role in arts education program design, implementation, research, and evaluation. She received her BA from UCLA in Dance and was a Coro Fellow through the California Art Council’s Arts Leadership Fellow Program.
Kaile Shilling
Executive Director
Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network
Los Angeles, California

Kaile brings over fifteen years experience working in and with nonprofits, particularly those focused on building strong young people. Prior to the Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network, she served as the Executive Director for the Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles, an organization serving hundreds of nonprofits across Los Angeles County. Her expertise lies in promoting networking and collaboration among community- and faith-based organizations and promoting cross-field dialogue and partnership. Prior to the VPC, Kaile worked at Homeboy Industries, one of the leading gang intervention agencies in the nation. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Anthropology from Harvard University, where she focused on the role of the arts as a means of expressing and shifting social values, and a Master of Theological Studies from Loyola Marymount University. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, journalist Vince Beiser, and her two amazing kids.