Site-Specific: Social Impact through the Arts in Curtis Park

Saturday, June 16, 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Tour 7

Visit two powerhouses of artistic production in Denver’s Curtis Park neighborhood. Platte Forum supports contemporary artists and youth through innovative creative programming that allow youth to work side-by-side with artists. At the historic former synagogue, Temple Contemporary Artist Haven, you will learn about Platte Forum’s residencies and see some 30 individual artist studios and creative nonprofits co-housed at the facility.  Nearby RedLine Contemporary Art Center fosters education and engagement between artists and communities through two-year residencies to create positive social change. Redline is a national leader in connecting art to community and civic action, and in addition to artist-in-residence programs, also operates extensive education programs for youth, an art studio for the large local population of individuals experiencing homelessness, the Arts in Society grant program, and a full program of exhibitions in their gallery space.

Our thanks to the Colorado Educational and Cultural Facilities Authority and the David & Laura Merage Foundation for their support of the Social Impact through the Arts in Curtis Park tour.