Tricia Van Eck

Artistic Director
Chicago, Illinois

Tricia Van Eck is Artistic Director and Founder of 6108North, which challenges what art is, whom it’s for, and where and how it is created. Named after its mansion’s address in Chicago, 6018North is also itinerant connecting Chicago artists with local and international audiences. 6108North’s unique experiences within intimate spaces – such as its outdoor jungle gym created by Swiss Chapuisat Brothers for the Chicago Architecture Biennale – empowers artists to work together and with the public to nurture creativity, build community, and enhance quality of life.

Previously Van Eck worked 13 years as a curator at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago organizing more than 70 exhibitions and programs with artists such as Mark Bradford, Tania Bruguera, Theaster Gates, Kerry James Marshall, Jan Tichy, and Tino Sehgal. Her shows, from large group exhibitions to small one-person shows, were experimental and audience engaged, all of which are the core of 6018North’s work.