Sherri Brueggemann

Manager, Public Art Urban Enhancement Division
City of Albuquerque, Cultural Services
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sherri Brueggemann has been managing art programs and public art projects in New Mexico for 20+ years. Sherri holds a Masters from UNM’s School of Public Administration with an emphasis in cultural policy evaluation. Sherri was a founding member of the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network and served on the PAN Council, 2000-2002. She is a former printmaker, gallery manager, special events coordinator, winery owner, and has been adjunct faculty at the University of New Mexico Arts Management Program, 2008-2016. In her spare time, she founded and manages the InterGalactic Cultural Relations Institute. The IGCRI is a non-profit organization dedicated to exploring the role of art and cultural in future interplanetary diplomatic relations. Sherri’s interest in universal aesthetics, cultural traditions, synesthesia and space tourism culminate in the imaginary framework she calls, “The Alien Gaze” – that space actually within us that imagines being sought by those “out there”.