Pauline Kanako Kamiyama

Deputy Director of Civic Art
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Los Angeles, California

Pauline Kanako Kamiyama is Deputy Director of Civic Art for the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. She is responsible for planning, developing and implementing what is becoming one of the largest public art programs in the country, with over 40 active projects. She is manages the Creative Strategist Initiative that embeds artists in County Departments as part of the Arts Commission’s Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative. The Civic Art Program, which began in 2005, allocates 1% of county capital projects for public art. The Deputy Director of Civic Art develops and articulates a broad vision for the program and oversees a team of project managers.

Ms. Kamiyama has 20 years of experience in the arts and culture sector, primarily in civic and community based institutions.  Ms. Kamiyama is a strong advocate for community engagement with innovative problem solving and collaborative strategies. She has a particular interest in creative placekeeping that brings artists, residents, business owners, civic and community stakeholders together to assess and build upon the unique physical and social character of a place through creative activities. She has worked on community development initiatives around issues of homelessness, cultural diversity and equity and health and sustainability.