Myah Oversteet

Consulting Producer
The Alliance for Media Arts and Culture
San Francisco, California

Myah Overstreet is a senior, journalism major and English literature minor at San Francisco State University. She began working with The Alliance for Media Arts and Culture in January of 2016 as a consulting producer alongside Jason Wyman. Together, they have built creative initiatives such as the 50 State Dinner Party Project, which focuses on communication through dinner parties. Myah also co-founded The Issue Magazine, an intergenerational, quarterly arts magazine with the following mission statement: "The Issue is a new intergenerational arts magazine, produced in collaboration with youth media makers around the world, designed to inspire a creative future where we all belong." As Editor in Chief, Myah brings youth media organizations and artists from around the country together to create a magazine that speaks for everyone and all of our unique, individual issues.