Michael Royce

Executive Director
New York Foundation for the Arts
Brooklyn, New York

Michael Royce is the executive director of the New York Foundation for the Arts NYFA. In 2018 he was given the Alan Cooper Leadership in the Arts Award, and in 2017 Time Out New York Magazine named NYFA as one of their top 10 organizations that make living in New York a better place.

Michael has designed many programs for emerging artists, mid-career, and aging artists in the US, and last year, launched a national program for immigrant artists in Detroit, Newark, Oakland and San Antonio. Further, Michael has developed entrepreneurial training programs for partners in several countries, including Guatemala, Ireland and China.

He was the co-chair of Grantmakers in the Arts' Individual Artists Group Steering Committee for 3 years, and as a trustee, has served on the New York Council of Nonprofits, the Jersey City Museum, the Art Directors Club of New York, and the Rebecca Kelley Ballet.