Lisa Elias


Minneapolis, Minnesota

My inspiration is simple-fluid lines, where I allow the disparate qualities of metal appear gracefully delicate without loosing it's functional intention and strength.

I've been working with metal for over 20 years, designing, forging, welding in my N.E. Minneapolis studio. I use traditional tools creating modern designs that are inspired by blacksmithing techniques. My work has been integrated into our City's sidewalks, building facades, landscapes and private homes.

I've had some nice opportunities creating public art- some of my latest includes: 30 tree grates, railings, bike racks and a drinking fountain in Downtown Minneapolis, over 150 decorative stop sign posts for the City of St. Paul, an organic arbor in a historic park in Minnetonka, a exterior wall facade that has over 300 forged steel morning glory leaves that illuminate at night in St. Louis Park. My latest piece 'Arise' bloomed in the middle of the winter at Maplewood City Halls frozen garden.

Along with these larger pieces, I love making smaller works-that may have a function-or be purely a decorative embellishment. I'm devoted to my work preserving a quality of hand crafted sustainability, something that is useful with beautiful aesthetics, thoughtfully crafted into graceful designs.