Lester Burg

Senior Manager
MTA Arts & Design - NY
New York, New York

Lester Burg spent 20 years in Los Angeles working on the downtown LA and Hollywood Redevelopment Projects including public art projects, parks, converting vacant buildings to art/performance spaces. He wrote the Hollywood Arts Plan, chaired artist selection panels, and established a Hollywood Theatre Committee. In West Hollywood, CA he was City Art Coordinator, wrote their Public Art Policy and organized artist selection. After returning to NYC in 2005, he joined Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Arts & Design and is currently senior manager. He managed artist selection for more than 30 permanent art projects at subway and commuter rail stations, overseeing the process from proposal to installation. These encompass projects on a neighborhood scale and new subway stations in Manhattan where he is working with artists Chuck Close, Sarah Sze, Vik Muniz, Jean Shin and Xenobia Bailey. Burg curates a photography Lightbox program, manages temporary art and assists with social media, and national policy initiatives on public art in transit. Arts for Transit has installed more than 245 permanent art projects with 50 in planning.