Leah Fischman

Board Chair
Annenberg Inclusion Initiative
Brooklyn, New York

Leah Fischman serves as Board Chair of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, founded by Dr. Stacy L. Smith in 2006. As a passionate advocate for inclusion in the arts and gender equity, working with the leading think tank that addresses issues of inequality in entertainment has been an inspiring partnership. Leah has worked with Dr. Smith and the team to grow industry partnerships, develop and launch the Board of Advisors, expand the Initiative’s inclusion efforts to incorporate the music industry and craft marketing communication strategies to increase visibility the Initiative. Perhaps most notably, Leah was a driving force behind rolling out Dr. Smith's solutions to inequality in media. By offering companies simple and tangible resolutions for complex business challenges such as exclusionary hiring practices, Leah has bridged the gap between academic nomenclature and industry application to foster social impact for underserved communities. There is no better example of this effort at work than listening to one of Dr. Smith's solutions be shouted from the 2018 Oscar Stage - "inclusion rider". This call to action and the subsequent demand received from press and community alike underscores the opportunity we collectively have at this moment in time to create profound change.