Kevin Seaman

Artist & Cultural Worker
San Francisco, California

Kevin Seaman is a San Francisco-based interdisciplinary artist and cultural worker. Utilizing inquiry-based and multi-directional learning models, he creates community-focused workshops and consulting opportunities that infuse diversity, equity and inclusion into team-building, fundraising, individual and organizational development, community engagement, program evaluation and innovation, audience metrics, and strategic planning. Kevin is a 3-time SF Arts Commission grantee, was awarded Americans for the Arts 2017 Emerging Leader award, was an inaugural Association for Performing Arts Professionals’ Leadership Fellow, and helped increase arts funding in San Francisco as a community organizer for the Nov 2018 Yes on E campaign. He has worked with a broad range of organizations including Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center, Queer Cultural Center, Independent Arts & Media, Boston Foundation and Emerging Arts Professionals, and has lead panels and workshops with Intersection for the Arts, the Foundation Center, Grantmakers in the Arts, National Performance Network and APAP. His creative work exploring queer identity and drag culture at the intersection of gender and sexuality has been presented at locally and nationally at venues like CounterPulse, Frameline, the Austin International Drag Festival, Atlantic Center for the Arts, and Yale School of the Arts, and he is currently in residence at Brava Theatre.