Jeremy Liu

Senior Fellow for Arts, Culture and Equitable Development
Oakland, California

Jeremy Liu invents, samples, and remixes creative practices for equitable community development, from neighborhood film festivals to digital solutions for generating empathy and linguistic access; from real estate development to building social enterprises that create vital career ladders; and from artist-led community planning to adventurous campaigns for elected office that crack open leadership opportunities. He is a 2005 Artadia Award winner and his work has been exhibited in museums and art centers nationally. He is a co-founder of Creative Ecology Partners, an art and design studio for economic and community development innovation that developed the Creative Determinants of Health framework and created the National Bitter Melon Council to address social bitterness through the literal and poetic potential of Momordica charantia. As the Senior Fellow for Arts, Culture and Equitable Development at PolicyLink, he is guiding a national initiative to integrate arts and culture into the work of equitable development.