Heather Doyle

Artistic Director
Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Heather Doyle (Artistic Director) and Victoria Lauing (Executive Director) founded the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center (CAFAC) with a group of neighbors in 2007. Inspired by the 38th & Chicago Small Area Plan, a resident-driven document created to guide development around this neighborhood commercial node, CAFAC's founders combined their experience in metalworking and education with a desire to use arts-based community development as a means for regeneration of a neighborhood impacted by decades of disinvestment. CAFAC focuses its work on three pillars: education, artist support, and public art, which together create a platform for community-driven resources and social impact. As Artistic Director, Heather Doyle brings decades of experience as an artist and metalworker, and directs CAFAC's public art initiatives as well as teaches blacksmithing and welding to youth and adults. Victoria Lauing, Executive Director, has more than 20 years experience in higher education with a focus on continuing education and professional training, and oversees the organization's management and development functions.