Emiko Muraki

Director, Community Investment & Impact
Calgary Arts Development
Calgary, Alberta (Can)

Emiko Muraki is an arts manager focused on research, strategy and systems thinking. As Director, Community Investment & Impact for Calgary Arts Development she oversees grant investment programs, evaluation, performance measurement and a research agenda focused on the benefits of the arts to a city, community and individual. Emiko holds a BFA in Theatre as well as a BA (Honours) in Psychology from the University of Calgary. She has been an active member of the Calgary arts community for over a decade, working as an arts administrator, director, dramaturg, stage manager, and actor. Emiko is a member of the Calgary Board of Education’s Fine Arts Advisory Committee and Research Sub-committee, The City of Calgary's Event Advisory Committee and the Canada Council for the Arts’ Qualitative Impact Research Advisory Committee. She is also pursuing graduate studies in cognitive neuropsychology, with an interest in the neurological processes underpinning the human capacity for language.