Demone Carter

Program Manager
The School of Arts and Culture @ MHP
San Jose, California

Demone Carter is an award-winning Hip Hop artist and creative catalyst who works to foster inclusion within San Jose’s arts ecosystem. In his current role as Program Manager for the School of Arts and Culture at MHP’s Multicultural Arts Leadership Insitute (MALI) he is tasked with leading a cohort-based arts leadership program for arts professionals of color deeply engaged in Silicon Valley’s arts, culture, and entertainment sectors. Demone is a MALI Alum and member of MALI Class Four.
Before joining the School of Arts and Culture Demone co-founded FutureArtsNow!  a for-profit venture that seeks to fill the void left by vanishing school arts programs through the medium of authentic hip hop dance. FutureArtsNow! has received recognition from San Jose Job Corps and the City of San Jose.
Performing under the name DEM ONE he has released several albums, been named Silicon Valley Artist Laureate (2016), and recently participated in a cultural exchange musical tour of Vietnam in conjunction with the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi.
In addition to recording and performing Demone is also the host of the Dad Bod Rap Pod podcast and writes about music, culture, and race for Content Magazine, SV De Bug, and San Jose.