Clare Haggarty

Senior Manager, Transportation Planning (Art & Design)
Los Angeles Metro
Los Angeles, California

Clare Haggarty works at LA Metro as a Senior Manager for Transportation Planning in Arts and Design. Metro is a world-class transportation system serving Los Angeles County. The Arts and Design group produces innovative, award-winning visual and performing arts programming that encourages ridership and connects people, sites and neighborhoods throughout LA County. Previously Ms. Haggarty was the Deputy Director of Collections for the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Civic Art Program. Upon embarking on her career Ms. Haggarty first obtained a degree in History of Art from the University of Glasgow in Scotland (her homeland). After that she moved to San Francisco, where she worked a variety of museum jobs before embarking on a graduate degree in Curatorial Practice from California College of the Arts. It was in graduate school that she realized she wanted to work with artworks outside of museums and galleries. Ms. Haggarty is passionate about artworks “in the wild” that take the passerby by surprise. She has a love for site-specific artworks that tell a story about people and place in unconventional ways.