Christine Dwyer

Senior Vice President
RMC Research
Portsmouth, North Carolina

M. Christine (Chris) Dwyer) who is senior vice president of RMC Research, a national firm engaged in research and consultation in areas related to the well-being of families, children, and communities. Dwyer’s experience includes program and policy evaluations for governments and foundations in the fields of education, media, literacy, and arts and culture. With a longstanding interest in the arts, Dwyer has carried out studies for numerous private foundations. Through a variety of projects, she has focused on numerous dimensions of arts and culture including: community arts, including civic and social justice benefits of the arts; arts organization development and transformation; aesthetic and artistic development; audience development; collaborations across the cultural domains; economic benefits of the arts; and arts education. She is the author of the landmark study Reinvesting in Arts Education that was the basis for the Turnaround Arts program.