Amy Schwartzman

Cultural Placekeeping Guide

Amy Schwartzman has been working at the intersection of arts and disaster management since 2001. Since 2007, she has been a consultant to NCAPER and a member of its Steering Committee since 2017.  Amy is principal author of its “Cultural Placekeeping Guide” and sole author of “Essential Guidelines for Arts Responders Organizing in the Aftermath of Disaster” and “A National Blueprint for Emergency Preparedness, Relief and Recovery for Artists.” 

She serves as a consultant through PAR to performing arts organizations seeking to create emergency and continuity of operations plans and is co-creator of its webinars “Networking for Disaster Preparedness in the Performing Arts” and “Community Recovery through Arts and Culture.” 

After Hurricane Sandy, Amy was hired by FEMA to work on the recovery of artists and arts organizations in NYS and served as lead developer of CultureAID.  In 2018, FEMA asked her to work with the RAND Corporation on the Recovery Plan for Puerto Rico, focusing on artists, artisans and arts organizations. Two reports explaining this work are due out soon.

Amy previously ran two arts organizations and was a dancer, actress and director, working with artists including Meredith Monk, Blondell Cummings, Alyson Pou and the Kings County Shakespeare Company.