Amelia Brown

Program Manager
Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Amelia Brown is a writer, speaker, artist and consultant with more than 20 years of community development experience spanning four continents. She earned the first and only self-designed master's degree from the University of Minnesota integrating arts, emergency management, and community development.  She managed the first Twin Cities placemaking residency while organizing community partners in the development of the Cultural Corridor to maximize arts and cultural assets and increase economic growth along the Metro Green Line light rail with Twin Cities LISC.  Amelia's presentations and articles are the first to focus on the role of arts in disaster recovery in multiple publications, conferences, and locations from New Orleans to New Zealand.  She developed the first Community Emergency Relief Fund with Springboard for the Arts to support artists response to urgent community needs with creative leadership.  As the Creative CityMaking Program Manager, she was the first to implement the program in the City of Minneapolis that partners artists with City staff to work on addressing the City's equity goals.  Amelia created  Emergency Arts to strengthen community resilience by integrating art and emergency management.