Featured Artists

Friday, June 15

Opening Plenary
Denver-based alternative hip-hop band, Flobots have utilized the spotlight to shine a light on the needs of their local community and beyond, and treat the stage as a platform from which to bolster positive social movements.

Opening Reception
Welcome to a sonic, visual, and performance playground, a mix of the electronic and the acoustic, a true Colorado collage of the old and new curated by The Music District’s director Jesse Elliot and featuring The Rickshaw Live, Guerilla Fanfare, Gora Gora Orkestar, Biodiesel for Bands, Happy City Project’s “Happy Clouds,” the Zodiac Heads by Ai Weiwei, Cloverlick’s “Banjo Shop Install,” Meep Records, Saja Butler, Alysia Kraft, Lara Mitofsky Neuss, Russick Smith, Laura Goldhamer, DJ Jimeni, DJ TwoScoopS, DJ Full Metal, EvrGlo Media, Qbala, Lolita Castaneda, 2MX2, Specdrums, and multiple visual exhibits.

Our thanks to the Bohemian Foundation for its support of local musicians at the Opening Reception.

Saturday, June 16

Morning Plenary
Currently celebrating its 47th Anniversary Season, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance is an international, cross-cultural, dance-arts and educational institution rooted in African American traditions, dedicated to excellence in instruction, performance, and community programming for inter-generational students, artists, and audiences.

Plenary and Leadership Awards
Experience nationally known slam poet Suzi Q Smith.

Sunday, June 17

Closing Plenary
Hear and learn about Take Note Colorado, a statewide initiative to provide access to musical instruments and instruction to all K-12 students from Governor John Hickenlooper and Colorado Music Hall of Fame artist, Chris Daniels.

These artistic performance are supported by AEG.