Propose Ideas and Suggest Speakers

Help Americans for the Arts craft a great 2014 Annual Convention – Propose ideas and suggest speakers today!

Americans for the Arts needs your help to figure out the most pressing topics in the arts field today and the best people to talk about them at our 2014 Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Your ideas and potential speakers will help us make this Convention as current, well-rounded and engaging as possible. So bring it on!

The deadline for submitting ideas and suggesting speakers is October 17, 2013.

Nashville is a city of innovation—a city where unlikely partnerships yield amazing results, where communities intermingle and surprise and delight each other, where people wear their art on their sleeves and music and sculpture and imagination inform every interaction.

It’s a place for inspiration, so we want to know, who and what inspires you?

We are seeking your ideas: what is causing you stress, where are you seeing success, where are you seeing change, and how are people addressing it?

Where are you finding strength, and where could you use some guidance? Who are the people you look to for ideas?

Whether you’re talking about high-reward risks, tested tools or replicable best practices, we want to know about it!

How to Suggest Ideas and Speakers

If you would like to propose ideas and suggest potential speakers for the 2014 Americans for the Arts Annual Convention, let’s start off with a big “Thank you!” These suggestions are meant to help us understand who is standing out in the arts field today and what stories they might be able to share with us all in Nashville.

Here’s how the suggestion process for 2014 is going to work:

This year, we’re particularly looking to program around five loose themes that you should consider as you’re thinking about ideas:

  • Arts and Community
  • Embracing Diversity
  • Reinvention and Sustainability
  • Supply and Demand
  • Building Core Skills.

Click here to read more about these themes.

The suggestion process is easy:

  1. We ask you for some ideas, which can simply be questions, or areas of concern, or things you’d like to see or learn, or something more formal if that’s what you prefer. What concerns you? What inspires you? What do you want to know more about? What do you want to tell others about?
  2. We ask you for some people to think about those ideas. You provide some basic information about your nominee or nominees (submit up to ten, including yourself if you’d like). We ask some questions about how to contact folks, and why you think they’re interesting, and also some optional demographic questions that we’d love for you to answer if you know them and feel comfortable.
  3. You submit a form for each, and we’ll reach out to any of the nominees that we match to a session topic directly before the end of the year. Oh, and then come June you join us in Nashville, of course. Easy peasy, right?

Any selected presenters will receive a special $200 presenter registration rate. Complimentary registration is unfortunately not available, and travel and lodging expenses are the responsibility of each presenter.

Please contact Clay Lord at