2016 Annual Convention: Ideas and Speakers Submissions

Thank you for proposing some ideas for the Americans for the Arts 2016 Annual Convention!

What is going to allow for the creation and perpetuation of healthy, vibrant, equitable communities through the arts? We want to hear what you think are the topics, concepts, theories, practices!  Your ideas will directly inform the creation of 25-30 main conference breakout sessions and another 15 or so preconference breakouts representing the full breadth of what is concerning and exciting advocates today!


Past and present. No place lives in both of those moments quite like Boston -- a city that is proud of its centuries-old buildings and its shining skyscrapers. It is a city that has, over time, hosted some of the most revolutionary transformations of thinking to happen in the United States—and a city that is now reinventing itself again as a center for technology, education and innovation.


Boston reminds us that knowing our past provides us the grounding to explore the unknown of the future—that the revolution we need is often seeded by the lessons of our forbearers. It reminds us that democracy means letting all voices be heard, so that our collective good work can launch us into the future.

In 2016, Arts and culture in America is at a crossroads, just like the rest of this country. We must celebrate what has come before, and prepare ourselves to be a part of—to lead—the great changes to come. Let’s come together to reflect on where we came from and map out where we’re going as we march towards healthier, more vibrant, more equitable communities through the arts.

This year, we are also encouraging you to identify some people who you think might be impactful in discussing the ideas you propose.  While we curate all of our sessions, and so can’t promise that any of your suggested people will end up in the final breakout, we found your suggestions extremely helpful last year, and about 25% of all of last year’s panelists came out of this exact process.

The deadline for submitting ideas and suggesting speakers is October 20, 2015.

Do you have more than one idea?  We love that.  You’re welcome to submit as many ideas as you’d like—but to gather as much information about each one as possible, we need you to do them one at a time.  Once you submit your idea you’ll be brought back to this page and can submit again.

Thank you and see you in Boston!

Click here to submit your idea and speaker suggestions!