2017 Annual Convention: Ideas and Speakers Submissions

Thank you for proposing some ideas for the Americans for the Arts 2017 Annual Convention!

What does it take to truly support the full creative life for all? We want to hear what you think are the topics, concepts, theories, practices!  Your ideas will directly inform the creation of 25-30 main conference breakout sessions and another 15 or so preconference breakouts representing the full breadth of what is concerning and exciting advocates today!


CREATIVE LIFE. We’re heading to San Francisco in 2017—one of the most creative, vibrant, and fast-evolving places in the country today. San Francisco is a place of seismic change—pun intended—and also a place where communities fight to stay strongly rooted in rich cultural heritages amidst boom and change and a world that sometimes feels like it’s going crazy. It’s the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love in a city in the middle of a tech boom that has sparked remarkable and startling reinvention, negotiation, and innovation. It is 49 square miles with a style, movement, and rhythm all its own—striving for peace and equity amidst waves, hills, fog, and everywhere—everywhere—an explosion of vibrant creative life.

San Francisco is a place that reminds us that almost nothing is actually binary—that our world is constantly rising, falling, flowing, and twisting around us, and that we are all active, creative players in what is to come. It reminds us of the importance of holding on to who we are, being open to what lay before us, and caring for the health and wellness of ourselves, our communities, and our world.

In 2017, America will be in the midst of a new transition. We must celebrate what has come before, and prepare ourselves to be a part of—to lead—the great changes to come. Let’s come together to celebrate the creative life, and reflect on the great power that the arts have to give us strength, identity, hope, and direction.


This year, we are also encouraging you to identify some people who you think might be impactful in discussing the ideas you propose. While we curate all of our sessions, and so can’t promise that any of your suggested people will end up in the final breakout, we found your suggestions extremely helpful last year, and about 25% of all of last year’s panelists came out of this exact process.


The deadline for submitting ideas and suggesting speakers is October 21, 2016.

Do you have more than one idea?  We love that.  You’re welcome to submit as many ideas as you’d like—but to gather as much information about each one as possible, we need you to do them one at a time.  Once you submit your idea you’ll be brought back to this page and can submit again.


Thank you and see you in San Francisco!

Click here to submit your idea and speaker suggestions!