2019 Annual Convention: Ideas and Speakers Submissions

Thank you for proposing some ideas for the Americans for the Arts 2019 Annual Convention!

In a national moment that feels at times deeply disconnected, and at other times highly energizing, how can arts and culture create and sustain genuine community and connection? Tell us the topics, concepts, theories, practices that can drive our community, connection, and action! Your ideas will directly inform the creation of 25-30 main conference breakout sessions representing the full breadth of what is concerning and exciting advocates today!

GENUINE COMMUNITY. In 2019, the Annual Convention lands in the strong Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, situated at a confluence of rivers in the center of the country. In this place, two cities, different in many ways but also deeply interconnected, continue to carry a spirit of deep, honest desire for community, human interaction, and collaborative progress. People mingle here, sometimes smoothly, sometimes in difficult dances, like the water that flows all around this place—and people persist in pursuing that connectivity, moving towards equity, and recognizing the deep and long history of the land and the communities and traditions that have come before.

In this respect for time, difference, and the deep importance of remembering our common humanity, the Twin Cities offer a necessary challenge to the arts and culture field: drive progress with humility, drive change with mutual respect, serve as the balm in a country that feels chaotic, remind us of the best of what we can be.

In 2019, we’ll wade deeply into conversations about different lived experiences, tradition and transformation, and the need to pursue and bolster genuine, honest community connection wherever we can. In a country still struggling under the weight of our current great divides, let us come together to surprise and challenge ourselves as we explore our power and responsibility as culturemakers and culturebearers to strengthen the bedrock of our communities, progress with generosity and good intention, and make our places the healthiest, most vibrant, and most equitable they can be.

In the Twin Cities, let us come together and center genuine community—in all the beautiful, diverse, and surprising ways that only arts and culture can.

The deadline for submitting ideas and suggesting speakers is October 15, 2018.

Do you have more than one idea?  We love that.  You’re welcome to submit as many ideas as you’d like—but to gather as much information about each one as possible, we need you to do them one at a time.  Once you submit your idea you’ll be brought back to this page and can submit again.

Thank you and see you in the Twin Cities!

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