I have special needs. How do I notify staff?

To support a full creative life for all, we at Americans for the Arts commit to championing policies and practices of cultural equity that empower a just, inclusive, and equitable nation. In that spirit, we are committed to making our Annual convention as equitable and inclusive an event as possible.
Attendees needing accommodations including wheelchair access, hearing and visual aids, dietary needs, etc. should indicate those needs on the registration form or may contact us at events@artsusa.org. We ask that you make us aware of your needs as early as possible.

In addition, we have inacted improved ways for all to fully participate:

  • We offer a variety of scholarship opportunities to provide greater access to our meetings and events.
  • We also record and archive our keynote presentations for free on our YouTube channel when possible for those unable to attend.
  • Americans for the Arts will live caption all of our Main Convention keynote presentations and provide transcripts (when able) of keynotes available after the event.
  • Our hotels for meetings and events are ADA-accessible, as are our off-site receptions, and we offer ADA-accessible options for certain tours as possible.
  • We also require all panelists and audience participants to use microphones during sessions for ease of hearing.
  • Americans for the Arts works to ensure that requests for accommodation are met to provide an accessible event for all.