Public Art Network Award

The Public Art Network Award is given annually in recognition and honor of innovative and creative contributions and/or exemplary commitment and leadership in the field of public art. It can be given to either an individual, including an artist, administrator, volunteer, designer, or government official, or an organization, including an arts council, public arts program, or private or public entity.

The award is presented by Americans for the Arts’ Public Art Network (PAN). PAN is designed to provide services to the diverse field of public art and to develop strategies and tools to improve communities through public art. Its key constituents are public art professionals, visual artists, design professionals, and communities and organizations planning public arts projects and programs. The PAN Council is a group of elected leaders who provide guidance and advice to Americans for the Arts on public art programs and services.

Nominations Close at 5:00 p.m. EDT on March 18, 2014

(The deadline has been extended)

View the award Rules and Regulations.